The power of Blockchain for Mobility services

Using the CDK Token, it will be possible to control all the data of one’s vehicle based on the power of the Blockchain.​

The “tokenization” of the automotive sector will lead to improved second-hand sales and better tracking of vehicles.

Mobility token


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Base Concept

Car coin mobile

The project is led by the CodeNekt startup which allows to centralize all the vehicule’s documents.

“ Tokenize ” vehicles to make life easier for drivers via a free application.

By tokenizing one’s vehicle, it will be possible to buy or sell it in the form of an NFT, store all kinds of information on a blockchain, use it for Big Data, statistical calculations, and behavior optimization linked to mobility thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms.

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An ICO is coming soon

400,000,000 CDK tokens can be bought each week, 200M for each half described below. This process eliminates races and pumps. Unsold weekly CDK tokens will be reserved to be sold at the end of the ICO through the addition of more weeks.

2,400,000,000 CDK tokens will be distributed through the ICO


10 000 000 000


$ 0.26

TOKEN price

Built on Algorand

$ 300,000


Built on Algorand

CDK Token roadmap

The next steps

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Investing in CDK Token is a unique opportunity to hedge and diversify one’s portfolio, while technically remaining within the crypto world.

CDK Token

Built on Algorand

Governance token

Allowing the community to participate in its future evolution.

Utility token

Allowing users to pay for services, secure data, access their history or third party vehicles.
Application codeneket


Allowing CDK owners to be reward for staking their CDK tokens.

Inflation system

For the first two years of existence, inflation will equal 1% per month, then  k-percent rule will be adapted.

Application Codenekt
It supports the creation of NFTs representing real-life vehicles, and that can be exchanged by paying a fee to the network.
Where third parties can offer their services, leveraging CodeNekt’s, while paying fees to the underlying network.
It’s a tool to help string massive amounts of data that can be sold to companies interested in statistical calculations.

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