we Certify, Design and Konnect

Allowing the collection and securing of data between all actors in the value chain, in an automated way and carried out by a trusted third party on the blockchain.

We deliver a TOKEN, for the tokenization of services for and between actors and a NFT, who represents the asset and stores all of its information

What is CDK?

Globalization has allowed a constant development of international trade.
Trade is done across the globe. More than ever, we need to control the flows and know the history of the goods exchanged. We need:


Identify anomalies
on the course of a good

Ensuring the traceability and transparency of agri-food, pharmaceutical and automotive products is now an obligation. It’s about public health and safety. 

Today, what about real estate, technological products? what about traceability throughout the supply chain?

Individual or business consumers demand full traceability and transparency and prefer manufacturers who meet this new requirement.


Ensure that the data
is reliable and inalienable

Guaranteeing the credibility and reliability of information is the second pillar of trust. As such, data integrity is essential.

Blockchain technology ensures trust in the exchange of information.

The information is therefore available, accessible by all, tamper-proof and public.


Necessary during
a transaction

In a world of mistrust towards third parties, we restore trust between individuals thanks to our certifying NFT.

Trust does not exclude control?
We take care of the control.

Trust again!

Trusted by ambitious and strategic partners


Website for monaging CDK Staking online.

Start of the ICO CDK stacking is available.

Inflation of 1% per month for the first 2 years. Lottery for the stakeholders.

Claiming the rewards from the website.

Creation of the vCDK token Distribution of the token to stakeholders. Claim available through the website.

IPFS implementation 3 IPFS nodes installed.

Creation of a smart contract able to handle the transactions.

Decentralized justice is available NFTs possible.

Fund to receive money from eco-responsability created. Deals signed with eco partners.

Eco-responsability available from the CodeNekt application.


Early Fundraising
$440 K

Private Sale


2,400,000,000 CDK Tokens will be distributed through the ICO​

400,000,000 CDK tokens can be bought each week, 200M for each half described below.

This process eliminates races and pumps. Unsold weekly CDK tokens will be reserved to be sold at the end of the ICO through the addition of more weeks.

$ 0,26

Prix du TOKEN


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we Certify, Design and Konnect

CDK, a token for the tokenization of services for and between actors.
An NFT, who represents the asset and stores all of its information.