It all started with a car!

In France, you need a vignette to circulate in the capital, as in many large European cities. You must also display your insurance and technical inspection sticker.

That’s a lot of paperwork to keep preciously if you add to that the current maintenance bills. In case of sale of the vehicle between individuals, it is still a bundle of sheets that is transmitted to the buyer.

Problem: I buy a car from a private individual. How can I be sure of the documents sent to me? How can I be sure that the invoice has not been falsified?

The millions dollars question:
How to be sure? How to trust?

The initial idea was to generate a digital file in which all the vehicle information would be found. To secure data integrity, one answer: the blockchain. This is CDK’s first STEP.

Then in 2021, it’s the NFT boom. We came up with the idea of applying NFT to our project. Issue an NFT of the vehicle certifying the authenticity of its information.

The NFT allowing traceability, we imagine the scalability of our solution for other sectors such as transport (maritime, rail, air), the supply chain or even real estate. The automotive sector is only a first use case of our vision of the NFT and the CDK token.

By ensuring traceabilityand integrity of data, we restore trust.

Trust does not exclude control?
We take care of the control.

Trust again!

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