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Bodywork & NFT: when craftsmanship meets web 3.0.

Interview CodeNekt BeMyGuest par Stephanie Cansell

Bodywork 3.0: NFTs at the service of the customer

What can NFTs and blockchain technology bring to the Automotive sector, and more specifically to a trade as artisanal as that of bodywork? More performance and services, for greater customer satisfaction.

And it is precisely this that seduced Céline ALUNNI, Commercial Director of the ALBAX Group, and the Madame Innovation of the world of bodywork, when she met, at the CES in Las Vegas, Francis HACHEM, CEO and founder by CodeNekt. The one, whose credo is “Digitalize the market while maintaining human contact”, immediately saw in the application developed by the French start-up an opportunity for commercial development, but also the possibility of being even more agile, at the customer service.

We talk about it, in this 165th episode of #BeMyGuest, with my two guests, Céline ALUNNI & Francis HACHEM