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CodeNekt live from la Huge Letter

Another quality live!

The Huge Letter received Thursday, March 2, 2023 Francis, the CEO of CodeNekt.

But then what is the huge letter?

Simple: An email, every week, to understand everything about the Crypto universe.

The Huge Letter is a weekly media that aims to simplify the understanding of the complex mechanisms in the Crypto universe, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

And you know it, what we like is simplification. Our app makes life easier for drivers, the Huge letter makes it easier to understand web3 and crypto. As they say, the planets are aligned.

In short, each week, subscribers receive an email that takes them to explore this universe by offering them unique content and answers to their questions. By joining the Huge Letter community, you are one of the most active in France, without making false promises. Subscribers appreciate the newsletter for its always interesting and enriching content, which brings them real added value.

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