Traceability & integrity
of asset flows

Meet the challenges of excellence and trust by ensuring the traceability and integrity of history and asset flows thanks to blockchain and NFT.

We deliver a TOKEN, for the tokenization of services for and between actors and a NFT, who represents the asset and stores all of its information

What is CDK?

Globalization has allowed a constant development of international trade.
Trade is done across the globe. More than ever, we need to control the flows and know the history of the goods exchanged. We need:


Identify anomalies
on the course of a good

Ensuring the traceability and transparency of agri-food, pharmaceutical and automotive products is now an obligation. It’s about public health and safety. 

Today, what about real estate, technological products? what about traceability throughout the supply chain?

Individual or business consumers demand full traceability and transparency and prefer manufacturers who meet this new requirement.


Ensure that the data
is reliable and inalienable

Guaranteeing the credibility and reliability of information is the second pillar of trust. As such, data integrity is essential.

Blockchain technology ensures trust in the exchange of information.

The information is therefore available, accessible by all, tamper-proof and public.


Necessary during
a transaction

In a world of mistrust towards third parties, we restore trust between individuals thanks to our certifying NFT.

Trust does not exclude control?
We take care of the control.

Trust again!

Trusted by ambitious and strategic partners


Website for managing
CDK Staking online.

Start of the ICO CDK stacking is available.

Inflation of 1% per month for the first 2 years. Lottery for the stakeholders.

Claiming the rewards from the website.

Creation of the vCDK token Distribution of the token to stakeholders. Claim available through the website.

IPFS implementation 3 IPFS nodes installed.

Creation of a smart contract able to handle the transactions.

Decentralized justice is available NFTs possible.

Fund to receive money from eco-responsability created. Deals signed with eco partners.

Eco-responsability available from the CodeNekt application.


$ 440K

$ 680K

Early Fundraising
$440 K

Private Sale


2,400,000,000 CDK Tokens will be distributed through the ICO​

400,000,000 CDK tokens can be bought each week, 200M for each half described below.

This process eliminates races and pumps. Unsold weekly CDK tokens will be reserved to be sold at the end of the ICO through the addition of more weeks.

$ 0,26

Prix du TOKEN


We put the most innovative technology at the service of people and the real world: blockchain and NFT.

In a world of mistrust towards third parties, we restore trust between individuals thanks to our certifying NFT.

We want to restore TRUST and free us from distrust vis-à-vis third parties (individual seller, partner, service provider).

The markets we are targeting and for which our token and our NFT are essential are:

  • Automotive and mobility industry
  • Transport (rail, naval, air)
  • Supply chain
  • Real estate

In the first usecase of MOBILITY, we estimate the potential market:

+ 2Bln Mobility users in the world

+1Bln Number of vehicles
in the world

+ 255MLN in Europe

The value of blockchain and tokenization are well established. Most industrial sectors are studying these new technologies very closely.

The NFT has found success in the art world. Its use to represent a physical good is more and more accepted and seems obvious from now on.

CDK token was born from a need for traceability in the automotive sector, initiated by the startup CodeNekt. It then appeared a certain potential for scalability insofar as this need concerns many sectors. CDK is an essential token for monitoring, securing, transparency and traceability of data.

Most tokens exist for one of three reasons: price speculation, store of value, or utility within the crypto world. CDK falls outside that scope: it is used as a means of securing sensitive information and to create a flow from the outside world to the crypto world.

For once, companies from the physical world enter the crypto space by offering real services and not just to invest in them, another chance for prosperity for the whole crypto world.

Furthermore, the CDK ecosystem is original in many other ways, by leveraging cutting-edge mechanisms and technologies: decentralized governance, decentralized justice, zero-knowledge proof judgments, game theory and schelling point, profitable charity, eco-responsibility, game of chance routines, decentralized acquisition of legitimacy, quadratic finance, algorithmically controlled inflation, deflation through tokens burning, auctioned and Proof of Personhood ICO, secured initial funding, uncommon NFT usage, etc. More importantly, the team at the origin of this project has felt devoted to the cryptos philosophy for many years, and deeply understands and shares all the implications. We are all about decentralization, and this has been the guiding principle in our mind while developing each solution presented in this document. We are convinced that this project, part of a larger cryptos universe, will participate in highlighting humans’ qualities while keeping the darker aspects at bay.

During the private sale, the token is at $0.10. Send us a message at [email protected] to get more informations and join the private sale.

The link of the sales platform during the ICO will be communicated soon. The token will be offered at $0.26.

CDK AG has designed a reward mechanism to incentivize token stakeholders to keep their stake for longer periods of time while not limiting them in their capacity to unstake their CDK and sell them if they see fit.

Rewards will be distributed on a progressive scale, from 0% when CDK tokens have just been staked to 100% when they have been staked for more than 180 days, as described page 11 in the white paper.

Our CDK Token is built on Algorand blockchain.

Why did we choose to create our token with the Algorand blockchain?

Our token project needs a blockchain:

  • very fast (block <4.3 seconds)
  • inexpensive (0.001 algo per transaction)
  • compatible with our smartcontracts needs, scalable (expected increases in the number of transactions per second)
  • development team available for support.
As a bonus, Algorand has developed a public blockchain that runs on a proof-of-stake version, which brings electricity consumption down to almost zero... at a fundamental level, in short, a "green" blockchain. Which is perfectly aligned with our ambition to participate in greener world.

To incentivize actions before the ICO, you Youtuber, Marketer, Community manager, Business developper are welcome to join us. We’ll pay you in CDK tokens.

Mail us at [email protected]

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